What we do:




We help our clients raise the much needed capital they require to fund the businesses they have been growing for years. Our aim is to make our clients aware of every suitable product available, how they work and why each one could work for them; We work with our clients to make sure all of the options are fully discussed and make sure we know what the objectives of the business are.

"Very simply we help business owners buy things"

We can broker:


 - Bridging & Short Term Finance

    Ideal for Property Investors buying a property doing refurbishment work then exiting.

 - Commercial Mortgages -

   Growing a Professional Buy to Let Portfolio or purchasing your trading premises.

 - Cash Flow Finance -

   Merchant Cash Advance is a great way to raise finance quickly based on the sale of future receivables.

 - Development Finance -

   Established property developers can access funds to convert, refurbish or build new properties.

 - Development Exit Finance -

   Allows developers to move on to the next project without waiting for sales to complete.

 - Factoring & Confidential Invoice Discounting -

   Need that extra boost to cash flow but waiting on your current invoice to pay? This could be the solution you need.  

 - Leasing & Asset Finance -

   Looking to expand but can't afford the capital outlay asset and lease finance could make that equipment yours.

 - Overseas Trading & Finance including Forex

   Doing business overseas has many technicalities one of which shouldn't be getting paid.

Funding for mergers and acquisitions -

   Looking to buy a competitor or raising the money to come together can be easier than you think.

- Unsecured Loans -

  Do you need to purchase stock, computer equipment, employ staff or rebrand?

- VAT/Tax Finance -

  Many funders will help you spread the cost of tax bills over 3 to 12 months.

Strategic Advisory


What we are more than aware of is making sure a business is right for investment in the first place - be that from an external funder or your own business reinvestment, this is why we provide strategic services that look for effective ways for your business to make more money. Ensuring the prior planning is correct has shown to save our clients hundreds of hours of lost or dead time, which includes renegotiation of supplier agreements or simply reviewing the current business plan ahead of applying for funding or reinvesting hard earned profit.

"Knowing where to spend in the first place helps reduce wastage and cost"

We support you with:


 - Partner/Supplier development strategies that include FX restructuring.

 - Networking and contact development.

 - Sustainability planning.

 - Continuity planning, disaster recovery and customer risk analysis strategies.

 - Growth planning.

 - Non Executive Director positions.

 - Investment preparation/investment pitching.

 - Nominated Director/Chair Service.

 - Business Development (sales) Strategy and implementation support.

 - Shareholders Agreement Development (Pre Legal.)

 - Pre Sale Assessments (via ERC Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors)

 - Insurance & Protection planning through introductions to established Insurance Brokers and Independent Financial Advisors.

 - Cost reduction strategies.

 - Succession Planning & Exit preparation.

 - Assistance with process development.

 - Infrastructure research and market conditions reports from top UK research and funder publications.

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